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Community Property, Intellectual Property webinar now available for free streaming

Protecting your intellectual property doesn’t end at Copyright registration. Your copyright is for life, plus 70 years, but what happens when your situation changes?

Recently, I presented a webinar for the Arts Council of New Orleans, entitled
Community Property/Intellectual Property.

This webinar is now available for free streaming.

The webinar lasts about 18 minutes and covers:

  • What community property means in Louisiana.
  • Divorce and intellectual property.
  • Estate Planning and intellectual property.
  • How to plan ahead to protect yourself.

To view the webinar,
please click here.

Meet Elizabeth S. Meneray

Hello!  Thank you for taking the time to visit our site.  I know that you want to make careful choices when selecting legal representation, so allow me to introduce myself and invite you to contact me at (504) 330-5522 for a consultation.

I am Elizabeth Stevenson Meneray, born in New Orleans Louisiana at Baptist Hospital.  I grew up on the Westbank and attended John Ehret High School, where I first encountered the law as a member of its premier Mock Trial Competition Team.  Although I had been an avid student journalist in high school and was expected to write for a career, I took the fire for the law that was kindled that spring semester and carried it with me to the University of New Orleans, where I majored in Political Science on a pre-law track.

At UNO, I obtained my Bachelor’s degree along with a Certificate of Paralegal Studies, thinking that I would test the waters of the legal field before diving into the deep end that was law school.  Little did I know I would practice as a paralegal for 15 years before finally braving those waters, when Hurricane Katrina finally kicked me out of the boat!

I entered Loyola University New Orleans School of Law with the perspective of someone who had already worked very hard and accomplished a great deal, but who believed she could contribute so much more but for the lack of this degree.  In the years leading up to law school, I had begun to volunteer more vigorously, to take greater part in my community, and to work more closely with those who gave part of themselves to make New Orleans a better place.  The education I received at Loyola was grounded in service of others, and the pursuit of education as a means to that service. 

It was at Loyola that I found my passion for the “Persons practice” that was to become Meneray Family Law.  As a student in the Loyola Family Law Clinic, I worked closely with families facing divorce, children caught in custody battles, elderly people bound by the red tape of the Road Home program.  I found there were solutions to their problems, and as an attorney I was able to make those solutions happen for them.  It was an incredible feeling to know that I could help, that I had found the tools to make things go right for people whose lives didn’t often work out so well.  It was with pleasure in my third year that I accepted an award from the Association of Women Attorneys as the outstanding student family law practitioner.

Today, I have begun to work for you.  I started Meneray Family Law in an effort to serve people with needs in the areas of divorce, custody, tutorship, emancipation, child support, adoption, wills and successions.  I would like to sit down and talk with you about your concerns, about what’s important to you.  Feel free to call for a consultation today at (504) 330-5522.